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The Phsyics and Philosophy of Mel Brooks

Ladies and gentlemen, I present

AlmightyAnus: so you could nitpick my nitpicking, but you couldn't do anything useful. i see how it is.
mental angwish: well, I am a certified curmudgeon
AlmightyAnus: i bet your license is expired
mental angwish: it's a lifetime certification
AlmightyAnus: it isn't
mental angwish: and I fixed a typo you made an hour and a half ago
AlmightyAnus: it wasn't a typo
mental angwish: just now I did
AlmightyAnus: ah
AlmightyAnus: well
AlmightyAnus: way to make it worse
AlmightyAnus: and you double-edited
AlmightyAnus: (edits 4 and 5)
mental angwish: yah, well, I can't be blamed for snafus caused by poor site response
AlmightyAnus: mmhmm
AlmightyAnus: ::flaps fingers against thumb in "yadda-yadda" motion::
mental angwish: :-P
mental angwish: when the site doesn't respond to my ministrations, I attempt them more than once.
AlmightyAnus: yes, well
AlmightyAnus: that's why you'll never be the highlander
AlmightyAnus: ::shakes head sadly:: i'm sorry, ed, but this can never work
AlmightyAnus: the "ach" was a nice try, though
mental angwish: I misspelled the surname, didn't I? It's McCleod or some crazy shit like that?
AlmightyAnus: yes
AlmightyAnus: it's MacLeod
AlmightyAnus: i think
AlmightyAnus: i mean, the actual surname
mental angwish: well that's just nuts
AlmightyAnus: god only knows how they spell it in that franchise
mental angwish: N V T S nuts
AlmightyAnus: you
AlmightyAnus: are
AlmightyAnus: not
AlmightyAnus: roman
mental angwish: true, but I oould conceivably trapped inside a Mel Brooks film
mental angwish: *be
AlmightyAnus: no, i'm afraid you couldn't
mental angwish: wherefore?
AlmightyAnus: because if you were IN one of his films, you couldn't know of it
AlmightyAnus: *him
AlmightyAnus: with the exception of robin hood: men in tights
AlmightyAnus: and you know mayo, whose dad knows mel brooks
AlmightyAnus: so there
mental angwish: see, that is just patently untrue.
mental angwish: consider the self-referential scenes in Spaceballs (Instant Videos! They're in movie stores before the fiilm's finished being made!) and in History of the World (Because movies... is magic!)
AlmightyAnus: different kinds of self-reference
AlmightyAnus: direct mel brooks self reference appears only in robin hood: men in tights
mental angwish: really?
AlmightyAnus: and it can be forgiven, because it's the least of the things that movie needs to be forgiven for
mental angwish: in Spaceballs they kill an assistant director
AlmightyAnus: the greatest being, of course, coming out after madeline khan's death
mental angwish: "Uhhhh... he did it"
mental angwish: let's see your handwavium defeat that!
AlmightyAnus: ah, spaceballs
AlmightyAnus: an assistant director is not mel brooks
AlmightyAnus: but i need to watch space balls again
AlmightyAnus: i haven't in far too long
mental angwish: it's a Mel Brook film, not RH:MIT that contains repeated explicit self-reference/fourth wall breakage
AlmightyAnus: huh?
AlmightyAnus: you've thrown me from the roof of you train of thought
mental angwish: aside: hee hee. "Well played, sperm-brother, well played" oh Family Guy
AlmightyAnus: ::grin::
AlmightyAnus: and RH:MiT is a mel brooks film
AlmightyAnus: thought the self-reference is limited, as i recall, to the opening credits
mental angwish: regardless of wheter or not the AD is Mel Brooks, it is a Mel Brooks film, other thatn RH:MIT, that contains characters breaking the fourth wall and demonstrating knowledge of their existence within a Mel Brooks movie
AlmightyAnus: WHAT IS?
mental angwish: the same can be said for HOTWP1, where the Josephus rides up during the execution of faux-Louis and saves Brooks. proclaiming "Movies... is magic!" and includes the line "We better kiss soon, we're coming up to the ending!"
mental angwish: Spaceballs is the antecedent
AlmightyAnus: well there you go
mental angwish: HOTWP1 is History of the World
AlmightyAnus: i know that
mental angwish: I thought it might seem obscure
AlmightyAnus: and i'm not arguing against breaking the fourth wall, or any other such post-modern movie gimmicks, in other mel brooks films
AlmightyAnus: i'm just saying that the only one where the movie directly references mel brooks himself is RH:MiT
AlmightyAnus: and it's true
AlmightyAnus: and so there
mental angwish: I'm not entirely certain whether there being only ONE instance proves you or me right
AlmightyAnus: me
mental angwish: which, by the way, I do not grant as a premise
AlmightyAnus: as my point was that there is only ONE instance
AlmightyAnus: therefor: i assert A
AlmightyAnus: you assert (something or other)
AlmightyAnus: and you say: i'm not sure if A proves you right or me
AlmightyAnus: the "therefor" was sort of misused there...
AlmightyAnus: please read it as "in summation"
AlmightyAnus: and i insist that you grant A as a premise, as it is verifiable
AlmightyAnus: (and don't you try to rope me into discussing logic, formal, informal, symbolic, whatever, i have no training in it)
mental angwish: look, if there is a single instance of characters being aware of their confinement to a Mel Brooks film in all previous Mel Brooks movies, I hypothesize that it is possible in all future Mel Brooks films, which might include the one I am in.
AlmightyAnus: ah, but it cannot
mental angwish: wherefore?
AlmightyAnus: it might include the one you might be in, which i refuse to discuss or acknowledge until evidence of its imminent existence is presented to me
mental angwish: can you prove that we aren't in a Mel Brooks film?
AlmightyAnus: yes
AlmightyAnus: nothing funny has happened to me in the last day. no mel brooks film has ever gone 24 hours without something funny happening, in the same way no massive body has ever gone 24 hours without experiencing gravity. therefor, to believe that we are in a mel brooks movie is to deny all basic physical principles
AlmightyAnus: and you don't want to be a nonbeliever, do you?
mental angwish: ah ha
mental angwish: I have you: I submit that astronauts went more than 24 hours without experiencing gravity.
mental angwish: additionally, the universe spits on gravity, as its expansion is accelerating, despite the force of gravity
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